What is project Maths?

What is project Maths ?
Project maths is being introduced to increase the numbers taking higher maths at Leaving cert. The project maths proponents  “aims to provide for an enhanced student learning experience and greater levels of achievement for all. Much greater emphasis will be placed on student understanding of mathematical concepts, with increased use of contexts and applications that will enable students to relate mathematics to everyday experience”.

The reality is very different!
There are 24 schools  and about 3000 students Schools trialling Project maths ,these students will sit their leaving cert Project maths  in June 2010  the most important maths  exam of their lives with no text books ,no past papers,no marking schemes .

Their teachers are frantically trying to get a course covered  when the syllabus is still not finalised .
The project maths schools sat a trial leaving cert paper 2 on October 21st 2009,the results were promised before Christmas 2009 .As with all things undertaken by the project maths committee the results were delayed .The projects maths schools finally  received the results of the trial paper 2 exam on the 10th of February 2010 nearly 2 months later than expected. To date many students in the project maths schools have not received their results .

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  • Phil says:

    My daughter got her results and they were bad,(grade D) she is so upset, she is only doing pass level and requires a grade B to do Science in college and we have been unable to get help for this subject as it is new and there are no pass papers or books to help… she has just given up.

    • webmaster says:

      We have replied to your email address .But the parents of students should be contacting the minister of education to highlight the situation as it is just not fair that they have to compete with students who have over 15 years of past papers,marking schemes and textbooks.

  • Ray Magini says:

    On the front page :
    >The argument is fundamentally flawed for the following reasons:
    > (i) Dropping the standard will make us the laughting stock of the maths >world

    laughting is misspelled.

  • Guest says:

    In the past, Maths teachers were comprised of
    a)People with Honours Maths degrees
    b)People with a Sciency subject, most commonly the least mathematical subject: Biology

    Around 10 years ago, the People with Honours Maths degrees wanted to be a researcher or lecturer and not a 2nd level teacher as it is seen as more enforcing discipline than teaching. Plus at least a mid 2H1 was needed to become a teacher. So the many potentially good teachers were not entering in the HDip in Ed. and Biology graduates filled the void.

    So the majority of people studying the Maths HDip were Biology students, all of which would unfortunately never will be able to teach LCH Maths.

    The Dept of Education’s solution:
    Let the colleges offer a course teaching Pass Mathematics, yet call it an Honours course so undergraduates would not snuff at it, and call it the perfect course for to become a Maths (read: core subject) teacher:


    Today, recently graduated Maths teachers are comprised of
    a)People with Mathematical Studies degrees
    b)People with a Sciency subject, most commonly the least mathematical subject: Biology


    The Dept of Education’s solution:
    Project Maths

  • Maria says:

    I did Project Maths this year for the Lcert. I got a B2(at ordinary level), I did Higer Level up until Junior Cert, I know if I did the Paper 2 everyone else did I would have got an A1. I am very good at Maths but I did not want to do Higher Level for Lcert because it is supposed to be extremely difficult and i didn’t want my other subjects to suffer. The Project maths paper 2 was extremely difficult however I think that I would have done worse If I hadf not done Higher up until Jcert, other students who did Ordinary level for Jcert are at a real disadvantage. The paper is unfair, we already had a bad teacher, on top of that we had no text books ,no past papers and no marking schemes. I hope this doesn’t cost me a place

  • webmaster says:

    Thank you for your comment .But project maths is probably the worst thing that has happende to LC maths since the foundation of the state.
    It will be dropped as a method of teaching after a few years.

  • Mary says:

    project maths is a failure i could almost curse those that introduced this method.I hate maths already as it it talkless of introducing this appalling system

  • Mary Cullen says:

    As a maths teacher of twenty three years, I seriously hope you are right in your comment from November 7th, that Project maths will be dropped in a few years. Truly it is the greatest retrograde step to hit Irish education in the history of the state. Having thoroughly enjoyed teaching maths for over twenty years, I have now begun to dread having to deal with this ridiculous syllabus with its badly thought out exams and laughable marking schemes. Recently at workshop 7 of the inservice programme, i attempted to raise some concerns, to be shouted down and refused the right to speak, and this is not the first time this has happened. Why, if these people are so convinced that we are doing the right thing in this syllabus, are they so defensive about it if you attempt to clarify even the slightest detail. I am attempting to follow the order as laid out in the teachers handbook with 5th year higher level students, and come up against prior knowledge difficulties daily, resulting in the proposed time scale advised being impossible. There is definitely not the time in allocated classes to complete this syllabus to any satisfactory standard, even if I had any clue as to what to prepare the students for. Consequently, I am having to provide extra classes left right and centre with due regard to my more able students. Conversely, my weaker students, and there are many of them now we have extra points available for the maths exam, will get through by just showing up and putting any rubbish down, as a reasonable attempt, while punishing the more able with indecipherable questions. Yes we will get bigger numbers sitting LC higher maths, and passing it, but the will do so with minimal skills, and very little real mathematical knowledge, from what I can see.We have already slipped in PISA rankings and will continue to do so if this carries on. Lies, damn lies and statistics, will allow the powers that be to convince the public that this is working. Frustration levels are running very high at the moment, and if they persist with this ridiculous set-up, I will either have to look for an alternate career, and give up on what i love doing, or sit back and just ride out the time i have left and choose to care less and less. Hobson’s choice I think!

  • christine graham says:

    Hi, I am interested for Leaving Cert Grinds for my son. Could you please forward me on information and price. Thanks so much.

  • Karen O'Toole says:

    Nov 19th 2013. I went to a book shop to buy maths papers for the leaving cert hons project maths. There are none until Christmas! My daughter did the traditional maths until her junior cert, 2012. Then she went into fifth year and was hit with Project maths. It is NOT being taught the way that it is supposed to be. The teachers are struggling just to cover the course. They seem to be flying blind just like the students. It is NOT acceptable. It is causing a lot of stress to students. The dept needs to wake up and realise that project maths is in a mess!

  • Claire Heaney says:


    What is the best way to show root 2 is irrational, the proof by contradiction is a nightmare. Does this have to be done?


    • john says:

      Hi there are a few ways the most popular is to start with asssume root 2 = a/b where a and b a relatively prime then 2 = a^2/b^2 this gives 2b^2=a^2 which implies that a is even which means a = 2x therefore b^2=4x^2 which means b is even there a and b are not relatively prime which is a contradiction .

  • as a whole, math (not maths) can not be taught to someone, and it’s not a spectator sport. the supposed teacher can only steer a student in the right direction or enhance some concepts already understood by him/her. a person that wants to be outstanding in math (again… not maths) must sit down with paper and pencil, and after many attempts, find the answers themselves. only after several trials… can that person become great in the area of math. they must read about math from several different authors… from the greatest to the lowest of lows. then they can tell the difference between facts (proof) and opinions (delusion). it’s the only way to learn/discover math (finally… not maths).

  • Leaving Cert student 2014 says:

    I am currently studying Higher Level Project Maths for the Leaving Certificate and I would lile to know why Project maths has continuosly been used in Ireland after it has been a tremendous failure in the other countries in which it has been introduced and even throughout its time in ireland there have been many complaints about this system which seem to be made in vain. I can tell you that as a student the standard of mathmatics has NOT IMPROVED AT ALL. The reality is that many students face this examination with very little preparation available to them.

    For example the exam papers were very difficult to obtain and the Textbooks that we are using do not correspond whatsoever with the exam papers or any of the styles of questions that are Asked in the exam. In my opinion as a LC student project maths is actually a hinderance to a good mathematical education.

    Many teachers are struggling to answer questions and I wonder why this would be introduce as a means to test a LC student’s mathmatical ability when a college graduate deemed qualified to teach HL LC maths is finding it difficult.

    Why has this issue not been resolved by the department of Education. I understand that this initiative has been very cost effective but It is not working. I think that those responsoble for the introduction of project maths need to their hands up and admit defeat.

    Anyway what I am asking anyone out there that has the power to do something about this…

    Please bring back Pure Maths for the Leaving Certificate, I can assure you that the vast majority of people planning on sitting their leaving cert would agree!

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