Report on 1st trial Paper

Report on Trial Paper Feb 2010.

Here are some comments from the official report on the trialling of Leaving Cert Sample paper for Phase 1 of Project maths  on how students answered the specific project maths questions

 (i)  ”Not all quality assurance procedures were the same”
(as applied to the normal  summer exam papers).

(ii )”Given that the trialling took place in the second year of a two year course , schools were asked to direct students to answer only questions that they had covered”

Question 1
Higher maths paper 2. Strand 1 probability.

there were only 3 correct (out of hundreds) responses to this part

Question 2 
Higher maths paper 2 strand 2 statistics.

fewer than half  had correctly identified the distribution in which the mean would be graeter

Question 4
Higher maths paper 2:strand 2 Coordinate geometry .

Approximately half of the candidates who attempted part (b) were able to make a meaningful start

Question 5
Higher maths paper 2: strand 2 trigonometry .

few candidates correctly identified the range and the period

Question 6
Higher maths paper 2 ;strand 2 vectors .

there was a considerable number of very low scores

Section B

Question 7 strand 1 Statistics.

Candidates coped well with most parts

Question 8 strand 2 Trigonometry ;
(project based question)

This question was not well answered

Question 9A
strand 1 probability and statistics .(new for 2010)

the overall standard was therefore low on average

Question 9B
strand 2 Geometry and Trigonometry(new for 2010)

Part (a) was not well done, the main body of the proof was rarely correct.

Even though it was marked easy “The placing of a common mark on angles that are not equal has not been penalised”


General comments (by the editor)

Students and teachers reading these comments must be living in fear and dread of the forthcoming leaving cert  exam. The results reflect the fact that students going into this exam are totally unprepared and will not achieve to their potential in the exam in June .

It is imperative that the rollout of project maths in all schools in Sept 2010 should be posponed!

The Marking Scheme

Here is an extract from the official marking scheme which is divided into a number of scales

E Scale (6 categories 25 marks)

(i)Response of no substantial merit no credit) zero

(ii)Response with some merit (low partial credit) 5 marks

(iii)Response almost half right (lower middle partial credit) 10 marks

(iv)Response more than half right (upper middle partial credit) 15 marks

(v)Almost correct response (high partial credit) 20 marks

(vi)Correct response (full credit) 25 marks

It is very obvious from above that using this marking scheme will ensure that the SEC will get the results they want!

The intention of  project maths  is to increase the numbers taking higher Leaving cert maths  from the present 16% of the total to 30% of the total. The reality for 2010 is that the numbers taking Higher maths in the project maths schools are lower than the numbers taking Higher maths in these same  schools in 2009.

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  • C Watts says:

    I am a parent and have a strong interest in the field of Mathematics. I am looking to make contact with anyone experienced in current maths teaching re:project maths in the Dublin area to discuss matters of personal interest and concern on this subject. My email address is freely contactable if
    a message can be routed through (I was wondering if the editor Mr Brennan might be able to help facilitate me in this regard)

    • webmaster says:

      Thank you for your email.Mr brennan is on Holiday but he returns at the end of August .I will pass on your contact details

  • Conor Maguire says:

    2012 paper 2 was a joke, it’s maths not English. Wasn’t fair at all and knocked people then for sitting Irish after. Terrible paper, absolute joke. Project is a joke!!

  • Niamh mc gearty says:

    P2 2012 An awful paper, what were the department thinking a lot of depressed people tonight, sort it out!!

  • ed says:

    Ahahaahah what a complete load of s**t..seriously why do an english paper when we can just combine it with maths..Why not just do an extended paper 1..?

  • maryjoo says:


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