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  • Jamed says:

    I failed higher maths LC by 10% in the 2014 pre project maths paper. I don’t know what to do, teacher doesn’t know nor does my grind teacher. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on honours maths because I’m doing all of the other subjects at higher level and don’t want these to suffer. Any advice??

    • admin says:

      Try to get some work done over easter >did you get 30% as the pass mark is actually 38% .We have an Easter Revision course in Dundrum the week after Easter if you are interested.
      Call 012960006

  • Claire Daly says:

    John, lots of discussion over using trapezoidal method proof for pythagoras at JC level (as in your solution books). is this a full mark method?

    • admin says:

      The trapezoidal proof is a really good proof of Pythagoras and is acceptable everywhere. But it is based on the area of a triangle which because of the order of the Geometry in the Syllabus for the Junior cert maths comes after Pythagoras .They do not allow this proof for that reason even though it was allowed in the past( past 40 years) before they changed the order of the theorems in the syllabus. If one gave this proof and it was marked zero, I think the candidate would have a case .

  • Kelly says:

    I have a question regarding Standard Deviation. Section 1.6 of the syllabus says that students must:

    – recognise standard deviation and interquartile range as measures of variability
    – use a calculator to calculate standard deviation

    My question is: Can students be required to use the formula for standard deviation from The Formulae and Tbales Booklet?

    Many thanks,
    Kelly (teacher)

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