Leaving Cert Higher Maths June 9th 2017 comments

Projectmaths.com will be posting comments on the leaving and Junior cert Maths Paper 1. Let us know what you thought of the exam.

5 Responses to Leaving Cert Higher Maths June 9th 2017 comments

  • Paddy says:

    As a student I thought it was a decent paper. Section A was fair while Section B was in parts a challenge. A trigonometry question that is normally associated with Paper 2 came up. Also the financial question caused some difficulties amoung many.

    • admin says:

      Agreed Q8 b badly phrased and 5c would also have caused problems .Q4 was nice but lots of messy data!

  • Mark says:

    Today’s HL maths paper 1 was an absolute disgrace. Definitely one of the hardest papers in a few years. Extremely disappointed!

    • admin says:

      Hi mark
      Parts of the paper were difficult but you should have been able to do Q1,part of q 2, Q4 was a classic example of MESSY DATA (look out for more messy data on P2)Q5 (algebra) was ok except partc.Q5 I would think there will be at least 10 marks for the graph.Q7 very wordy but again I expect the marking scheme will be front loaded.
      Q8 that proof was expected but part b was very confusing!Q9 was basically a question on a periodic function .
      Practice inferential statistics/and learn your theorems for Monday>

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