Error in 2017 leaving Cert H Maths Q9 Paper 1 may have cost you points!( eventhough you got 10/20 marks for drawing an axis)

In question 9 Leaving Cert Higher Maths Paper 2017. Students were asked to insert scaled axes on a given diagram .The marking scheme gives 10 marks (out of 20) for drawing a vertical or horizontal axis (unscaled) or 18 marks for  fully scaled vertical or horizontal axis. So why are the marks so generous?. Reason the question cannot be done ! The information in the question is conflicting and incorrect.

We are given f(t) = a+bCosct and told that f(2)=5.5 and f(14.56) = 5.5, but using information  in the question we get f(0) =5.5 ,f(2) = f(14.56) = 4.6 .It is therefore impossible to label and scale the axes .Any student who attempted the question should receive full marks (20).

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