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Leaving cert H paper 1 2016 very fair! Most students should be happy

It has been obvious since 2013 that the project maths concept has been abandoned. The idea that every question must be in context and have real life applications has  been well and truly diluted .It is time to review  the very limited LH Maths  syllabus and restore the  previous syllabus on Differential and in particular Integral calculus.

Reviewing Paper 1 LC H Maths

Question 1: Complex Numbers (a) based on the Conjugate roots Theorem (b)A very simple question on De Moivre , most students could have used the POl key on their calculator  to write 1+i in polar form.(c)Use sum of the roots is -(-2+i)

Question 2:Algebra :( a)Quadratic Inequality(b)simultaneous equations , this was a bit tricky !

Question3:Fill in the table , most students should have done very well.(b) is the usual index equation.

Question4:Induction and very basic logs, I am sure there were log questions like this on the Junior cert in the past.

Question 5 :P ythagoras, a more difficult version of this was asked in the Junior cert of 2012 Q7.b(i),(ii) Junior cert material.

Question6 :( a)First principles,(b)The differentiation here was tricky a combination of a product and a chain rule , it will be interesting how they mark b(ii).

Question7:A rate of change problem , if this type of problem has been taught properly students would have done well,(b)Basically f(x) = 0, b(ii)Get the average value using integration.

Question8:What would the SEC do without quadratic equations? This is an example of “messy maths” horrible coefficients used to hide an absence of real maths (b)Just fill in a formula again more” messy maths ”

Question9:Based on a geometric series (a)(I) if Sn=7.9375 find n.(ii)Find S infinity (iii)Again S infinity(b) part b about bees! For some reason they feel they must ask a question on a recursive relation (probably because the syllabus on sequences and series is so limited)

All students should have been happy with the paper!