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Solutions for Junior Cert 2015 Sample Paper Plus extra sample questions now available in our Project maths solutions Book

The Sec has provided a sample paper 1 for the 2015 exam  of the 12 questions provided  most  had been asked before .The new questions were Q6 based on an inequality which had been asked before in the Inter cert.

Question 7 which is based on Area and Pythagoras and asks to find the Maximum value of a quadratic expression.

Question 8 is a question on patterns  they want you to identify what type of sequence are involved.

Question 12 is about functions and how to identify them.

Sample Questions

There are 9 sample questions provided for the Junior Cert Higher

(I)Area and volume,(ii)Number (very basic primary school standard)(iii)Picture problem based on a square,(iv) Vat inclusive problem,(v)Geometry (vi)Algebra (very basic),(vii)Algebra simultaneous equations,(viii)Sequences,(ix)Trig asked before 2011 Q14 .

We have provided detailed solutions to all of the above in our popular Junior Cert Project Maths solutions Book.

2015 Solutions for Strand 1 Sample Questions for Leaving H and Ord included in Our Project Maths Solutions books

The Sec has provided sample questions to reflect the additional material on Strand 1 (probability and Statistics ).

They have supplied 4 questions  for the LC H students  one of which is the Q9A from the 2010 sample .

They have supplied 2 questions for the LC  Ord level one of which is the 2011 sample  Q2 H it reflects that the margin of error 1/sq root of n is now on the ordinary level

This brings the  syllabus back to the Pre 2010 syllabus  plus the addition of P values .

It also brings the syllabus very close to the old Question 9 (further probability  off the Pre 2010 course).Let us hope it will get rid ridiculous vast amounts of data questions.

We have included solutions to all  these questions in our popular solutions books