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Which comes first the Bell shaped curve or the Leaving cert H maths marking scheme ?

There has been much speculation that the Leaving cert H maths results are adjusted  so that they fit the same normal distribution curve every year. Teachers have always insisted that the bell shaped curve came first and the marking scheme was modified so that the results would fit the curve. has analysed the leaving higher maths results for the last 10 years and has come up with the following findings. We found the mean mark  and standard deviation for each year  .The mean mark for years 2004- 2012 varied from 66.84%-68% , the yearly standard deviations varied from 17%(2004-2008) to 15%(2009-2013) the average of the means is 67.57 % and the standard deviation of the mean of the means is 0.52.It may not be conclusive evidence but it is hardly a coincidence that mean % mark  for the nine years  has been 67% with a standard deviation of .52%. Because of the increase in numbers sitting the exam in 2013  the mean mark decreased to 64.4%  . One will expect the mean mark to fall again this year.

More marks for 2013 L H question than for the same question on Junior Ord in 1975

2013 leavH1975 junior ord

The picture on the left is the leaving cert Higher 2013 Question 6 .The official marking scheme awarded  20  marks for parts a(i),a(ii) and (b).

The question on the right is from the Junior cert Ordinary level 1975 .This part(c) of question 10 was  awarded 10 marks .

The questions are of the same level of difficulty but the LC question was awarded twice the amount of marks .


This is further confirmation of the fall in standards of Leaving cert maths