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Marking Scheme Farce on LC Project maths Pilot Schools 2013 exam

In 2013 most interest was in the LC H maths paper 2 trigonometry question .Very few people are aware of a much bigger error which was made on the LC Ordinary Level paper taken by the pilot school students.

In question 5 differential calculus the following was asked .

Part (a)Differentiate a polynomial by rule (b)Differentiate a product (not on the course)(c)Differentiate a quotient (not on the course)

This extract is from the official SEC marking scheme

Question 5

 Scale 25C (0, 8, 17, 25)

“ This question required a range of skills, only some of which are on the syllabus for these

candidates. Marking focuses only on the syllabus-related skills”

 Low partial credit:

 Displays syllabus related skills, e.g. correct differentiation of one term only. (8 marks)

(non pilot school students 3 marks)

 High partial credit:(17 marks)

 Correct differentiation of two terms only. ( 7 marks)

 Correct coefficient for each term but error(s) in indices.

 Correct indices for each term but error(s) in coefficients.

 Note: Consistently displays syllabus-related skills, e.g. three terms correctly differentiated, award

 full credit.This means if they differentiate the polynomial they get 25 marks !

Is this a new low ? probably ! Though not as  bad as the time in the early 1980′s when everybody received 20 marks for a Q1 even if they had not attempted it!

What is more important is this same question was asked as Q7 on LC Ord paper taken by the non pilot school pupils .In order for these students to get 25 marks they had had to answer correctly parts a,b,c .Another case of the pilot schools getting looked after again?