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Get a free sample pack of Project Maths solutions .

The Pack contains four sample solutions of  questions from  Leaving H from 2013 and 2012 as well as three solutions from Leaving Ordinary 2013 and  two solutions from Junior Cert Higher 2013 and 2012. Also included is an analysis of layout and format of each Exam both paper 1 and Paper 2.You only pay  for P&P. Follow the link below

The sample booklet will give teachers and students a taste of  the full range of solutions in our solution books.

Topics to be covered in Maths classes at Ballinteer Institute Jan-June 2014

Leaving H Maths

(i) Differential Calculus ,Applications of Differential Calculus, rates of Change, Max and Min ,Functions  (ii) Sequences and Series and Financial Maths (iii)Permutations, Combinations ,Binomial Theorem Probability and Statistics (iv)Integral Calculus and applications of Integral Calculus (v)Synthetic Geometry (vi) The Circle. Extensive notes and worked solutions will be provided

Leaving Ord Maths:

(i)Trigonometry (ii)Functions and differential Calculus (iii)Number patterns and sequences and series .(iv)Permutations ,Combinations Probability and Statistics (v)Area and Volume (vi)synthetic Geometry .Arithmetic ,financial maths.Extensive notes and worked solutions will be provided

Junior Cert H Maths

(i):Trigonometry , (ii)Synthetic Geometry,(iii) Functions and Graphs (iv)Sets, Probability and Statistics , Arithmetic, number patterns .Area and Volume.

5th Year H :

Probability (conditional probability,set notation, Bernouilli trials , Expected Value ,Standard Normal distribution)The Line The Circle Differential Calculus.

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Wishing all students a happy and successful 2014