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Geometric Series and Ordinary Level maths on or off the course?

Teachers are asking if geometric sequences or series can be examined on the leaving cert ord exam .Here is the extract from the syllabus. You must be able to  generalise and explain patterns and relationships in algebraic form recognise whether a sequence is arithmetic, geometric or neither .This would imply that the basic properties of a geometric sequence  T2/T1=T3/T2 must be taught .

“Pre Calculus Course” the new name for LCord Level Calculus

At a recent inservice course on differential calculus for Ordinary Level  Leaving cert maths given by the NCCA the teacher giving the course  stated that the new course was a “pre Calculus course”.Not surprising considering how much essential material has been removed .Is this an admission at last that the course has been dumbed down?

Just in case teachers are not aware of what is gone here is the list .

Differentiation from 1st principles

Product Rule,Quotient Rule,chain Rule

The reciprocal functions are not mentioned .


NCCA says it will add deferred topics to Leaving Cert maths in September

In a recent conversation with a prominent author the NCCA has confirmed that the deffered topics will be included in the syllabus for the 2014 exam.Despite the fact that the IMTA report on project maths stated that the course was already too long . When asked if the NCCA had read the report from the IMTA (who are partners in the project maths implementation).The NCCA said that they had made the decision before they had seen the report . Note this report was available from November 2012 on!

On another matter the spokesperson said the NCCA were looking at the layout and structure of the Leaving cert maths paper.