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Geometry and Project Maths (what not to study)

Many students and teachers are concerned about what geometry they must study for leaving cert Project Maths .

The following is a reply  received from the SEC which clarifies the matter and should help teachers decide on what Geometry to cover.

 The NCCA and the support service have received some enquiries on this matter.   Accordingly, the NCCA has answered as follows on their website, and the support service have a link to the same text:

What synthetic geometry is required for Leaving Cert Maths candidates in 2012, 2013 and 2014 who opt for the alternative problem-solving question as provided for in Section 2.1 of the Leaving Cert Maths syllabus (page 22)?

For all candidates, whether opting for the synthetic geometry question based on section 2.1 (page 22) or the alternative question of a problem-solving nature, ‘knowledge of the geometrical results from the corresponding syllabus level at Junior Certificate is assumed’ – as stated in the introduction to Strand 2 on page 21 of the syllabus. For students sitting Leaving Certificate in 2012, 2013 and 2014, this refers to the geometry in the JC Maths syllabus they followed at junior cycle i.e. the revised syllabus which was introduced in 2000.

Knowledge from that syllabus at Junior Cert. together with the remainder of the Leaving Certificate Strand 2 (i.e. not including the new material of Section 2.1), can be expected to form the basis for contexts and problems associated with Strand 2 that may arise in Section B of the examination paper at Leaving Cert over the same period of years.

The SEC will ensure that the examinations conform to the above.  It may be noted that there is no stated or implied commitment in the documentation to the location of this choice on the examination paper.  However, it may safely be assumed that it will occur in Section A.

 I trust that this clarifies the matter.

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What this means is that for Higher level Students the new geometry (Syllabus 2.1 Theorems,constructions,definitions)can only be examine in Question 6A and nowhere else on the paper .It is therefor possible to ignore all the new Geometry and just revise the Junior Cert Higher geometry. This will save a couple of weeks teaching geometry .It also means that questions on the centroid,orthocentre,cannot be asked except in Q6A Enlargements are not part of  2.1 therefore they must be covered.

For Ordinary level students just ignore the new geometry(Constructions,Definitions,knowledge of what the new theorems say) and practice Junior Cert Ordinary Geometry problems Note you cannot be asked to prove any theorems .

This is good news for all leaving cert students and teachers .