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Making Project Maths Results look good !

Analysis of the Leaving cert higher results for the last 10 years show that the average mark  (mean mark) is 67% with a standard deviation of 16% .The mean has not changed by more than 1% in all that time and the standard deviation has varied by less than 1% .

Analysis of  the Leaving Cert H project maths for 2011 .

The average mark (mean mark) is 70.2%  with a standard deviation of 12.87  .

Indicating that most people doing project maths did a lot better than those doing the regular exam .

Despite the fact that most students could not make head or tail of paper 1!

Interesting !

Project maths results credible ?

Extract from the SEC report on Project maths

LCH 2011 (project Maths) 90% get an honour (ABC) < 1% fail .

LCH2011 Higher maths regular paper 80% get (ABC) , > 3% fail

LCOrd 2011 (project maths) 76% get  an honour (ABC)  <7% fail

LCOrd (2011) regular paper 69% get (ABC) ,10% fail.

Marks awarded  for project maths questions up to 50% higher than similiar questions on regular papers .

See the following example

Question 4a; Project  Maths LC H 2011 for writing down the scale factor students were awarded 15 marks .

 Leaving cert (Ordinary Level ) regular exam Q4c(i)2011 (yes 2011) for writing down the scale factor students were awarded   5marks. In leaving cert Ord 2005 and 2007 5 marks were awarded for writing down the scale factor.

 Project maths students get 3 times as many marks as regular LC students for the same answer!