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Concern growing in Pilot schools

Project Has been informed of the huge concern in the pilot schools concerning the 2011 HMaths(project) exam .The fuss over the regular HM paper 1 totally eclipsed any comment from the pilot schools .

All the principals of  Pilot schools have been in contact with each other and all have written to the the SEC to complain about Papers 1 and 2 .The JMB have become involved .Individual parents have been urged to write to the SEC to let them know how their children were disadvantaged .

In a local pilot school 2 students who have been offered places in Cambridge which depend on them getting an A1 in higher maths are now sure that they will not get an A1 .Another student who had been offered a place in a medical school in the UK needed an A1 which he knows he will not get ,all three students said if they had taken the regular paper they were likely to get an A1 . In another Dublin pilot school the principal advised all students to write to the SEC to complain about the HL Project maths papers .

We have today been given information by a corrector of the regular HLCmaths  that “they are already messing with the marking scheme”.We will be in a position to give updates on how the marking scheme is being manipulated

Let us be very clear there is no way the results of the project maths Hpapers 1 and 2 will be statistically the same as the regular LCH maths  unless the marking scheme is seriously compromised !

As in 2010 the regular students will be sacrificed to make the project results look good !

The Minister Quinn must intervene before the reputation of maths in Ireland is ruined