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Junior Cert Higher Mock Paper another disaster from the NCCA

Following on from the diastrous LC Project Maths mock papers comes the mock Junior cert H Paper set by the NCCA. Does anybody in the NCCA project maths committe know anything about maths? Is anybody watching what is produced in the sample papers? The Junior cert Higher Maths mock is another example of sloppy work and basic errors.

Sample paper problems

Here is a selection of sample paper gaffs!


Here is the reply from Education minister Ruarai Quinn re NCCA 2011 sample papers.

“NCCA issued mock papers to the 24 Project Schools in February 2011 which were

intended to supplement sample question material already sent to schools for the

relevant strands the previous summer, and the sample papers published by the

State Examinations Commission in October 2010. The feedback indicates that the

questions in the mock papers were more difficult than expected. In response,

all of the project schools were notified that it was the sample paper published

by the SEC which reflects the standards and type of question likely to arise in

the actual examination”. 

One wonders how much of public funds were wasted on producing these sample papers.

All is not well in NCCA project maths

We have been contacted by 2 people involved with the inservice courses for project maths .They say that there is a complete breakdown in the relationship between the NCCA and those giving the inservice courses. Two people have offered their resignation .

The NCCA is so short of people to give the inservices courses that they are now resorting to recruit retired teachers.One retired maths teacher( retired 6 years ago from a south Dublin boys  School) told us he was approached in the last month!

Publishers are up in arms over the lack of information of what is in or not in the syllabus.We are informed that there was a frank exchange of views between the director of project maths in the NCCA and two of the main book publishers.The director was left left in know doubt about the views of the publishers.

Pilot schools reject NCCA sample and ask for more sample questions.

The NCCA have responded by producing sample questions on business maths which they have indicated are what will be asked in the LC.

Our maths teachers think the questions are so badly phrased that they could be interpreted in many ways!

Our latest information is that there will be a significant developement shortly .

Geometry Optional until at least 2014

In a written reply to a question from Olivia mitchell TD .The minister of Education Ruairi Quinn has confirmed that

(i)Elements of inferential statistics  will be deferred until at least 2014 .

(ii)Elements of synthetic geometry will be optional until at least 2014.

(iii)The new syllabus for strands 1-4 will be issued in August 2011 .

(iv)The new syllabus for strands 1-5 will be issued in August 2012.

So what are the present 5th years to do?

Are all the current maths books out of date?