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NCCA project maths (H) sample a disaster and a waste of money who is responsible ?

This is a follow on  to our previous post concerning the NCCA sample H Maths paper .It is obvious that whoever set this paper has a very poor knowledge of the Higher maths syllabus and even less knowledge of maths.

Paper 1 Errors

(i) No question on quadratic equations .

(ii)Misleading question on a quartic equation.

(iii)An uncorrectable question on sequences and series .

(iii)Asked to sketch the graph of a type of function which is not on the course .

(iv)Asked a question on modelling in differential calculus again not on the course .

But what really showed up the examiners lack of maths knowledge.They asked to find the derivative of   when x = 30 degrees ! In calculus all angles are in radians!

We have said this many times the people in the NCCA have no teaching experience and are out of touch with reality.

Project maths mock paper 2011

Report on Pre leaving examination 2011

Report on Pre leaving examination 2011

Higher Maths

This paper was set by the NCCA and the project maths Committee and supplied to pilot schools to use as a mock exam paper.

Paper 1

Section a Question 1: 25 marks

The question is broken up into 4 parts as follows

Part (a)(i),(ii)b,(iii)c,(b) .Very confusing  a question with a part c followed by a part b !

The word microearthquake should be two words micro earthquake, a bit unfortunate choice of question considering what happened in Japan.

Part a (sorry the first part) was based entirely on logarithms.

Part b was a question based on rabbits and their breeding habits.

Question 2; 25 marks

Basically a depreciation question more logarithms required!

Question 3:25 marks

(a) Indices (b) inequality, again more logs required. Also the  should have read .(c) (ii) Students were asked how they would use part c(i) to find the roots of a quartic equation?

Question 4: 25 marks

Complex numbers really just part (a) standard from the old course.

Section B

Question 5: 50 marks

A question based on a number pattern  

Question 6; 50 marks

A combination of compound Interest and geometric series.

Section C (Functions and Calculus (old syllabus) 100 marks.

Question 7;

There is an issue with part b (ii) of this question you were asked to sketch the graph of

 The graphs of this type of function were not part of the old syllabus!

They are not included on pages 10 and 11 of the old syllabus*.

Part © was really an applied maths question and would certainly have been very easy for students taking applied maths.

Question 8:

There is also an issue with question 8c involving a running track. This is clearly a question based on modelling, questions based on modelling are specifically excluded from syllabus pages 10 and 11.

Question 9:

There is also an issue with the definite integral  .The limits look incorrect or very awkward.


The paper has three questions on Logs, two questions on number patterns ,one question on complex numbers

Three questions on calculus of which 2 of the questions had parts that are not on the course! There is no consistency in the standard of the questions asked .They are all over the place and it certainly asks questions about the competence of those setting this mock exam .They obviously do not know what is on the syllabus!

It is no wonder that many  teachers in the pilot schools rejected this paper and set their own .Others replaced some of the questions with alternative questions.

The NCCA have written to the pilot schools telling them to ignore this paper and to concentrate on the sample papers supplied by SEC.

The cost of this debacle should be investigated and those held responsible should consider their position.

*In reply to a written question to NCCA on 11th /10/2010 regarding the calculus question the reply was “Only what’s on pages 10/11 applies in the unchanged part of the course .Thus modelling is not included for June 2011 candidates

Paper 2

A full report on this paper in the next few days

But as with paper 1 there are issues again the people setting the paper do not know what is part of the syllabus and what is not!

Question 1 you were asked to solve  this type of trigonometric equation is excluded from the course .See note on page 6 from project maths development team 2008 it states specifically that you cannot get “solve  .Based on this information equations of this type are not covered in some text books!

There is no question on coordinate geometry of the line!