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Mocks and Leaving Cer Ord Paper 1 Project maths.

The new sample paper 1 is as follows.

Q1 Algebra indices?Scientific Notation very similiar to present Q2 LC Ord .25 marks.

Q2 Compound Interest Finance maths similiar to present Q10 LC Ord .25 marks .

Q3 Complex Numbers same as old course .25 marks

Q4 Algebra same as old course but roots of cubic equations are gone! 25 marks

Q5 Sequences/Series If the real paper is anything like the sample this question will be a washout .50 marks.

Q6 Sequences/Series Sample question will mean nothing to Ord Level students rethink needed!

The real exam question will have to mean something to Ord level students for practice use Q5 Ord level paper 1.

Any two questions from 7,8,9

Q7 Differential Calculus ( Q6 old course)

Q8 Differential Calculus (Q7 old course)

Q9 Differential Calculus (Q8 old course)

Comment Cubics gone ,sequences/series increased will have to be modified,Calculus unchanged just worth 33% less.

Mock exams and project Maths (H)

With mocks just around the corner ,project schools have only one sample paper 1 to help them prepare .They can be assured that the mock Exam Paper 1 should be very similiar to the sample paper 1

Q1 Complex numbers(similiar to Q4 LCHP1) 25marks

Q2 Induction,Indices,Logs,Seriesremember APGP’s are gone as are the Sigma ntype (Similiar to LCHMQ5P1)25marks

Q3 Algebra  same as Q1/Q2 LCHMP1 but the alpha,beatas  are gone as is the proof of the factor theorem. 25 marks,

Q4 Algebra same as Q1/Q2 LCHMP1 but with a shorter syllabus. 25 marks .

Q5 more Algebra .The sample has a daft question on how to make a box (lifted from a UK O Level paper), 50 marks. So still 100 marks in total for algebra but from a much reduced syllabus.

Q6 “Finiancial maths” new but very similiar  to LC Ord Level Question 10 Paper 2! 50 marks .Use past LC Ord level papers to practice this (Solutions available !)

Choose any 2 questions from 7,8,9

Q7 Differential Calculus (old course) 50 marks

Q8 Differential Calculus (old Course) 50 marks

Q9 Integral Calculus (old Course 50 marks

Comments : If You use past HL paper 1′s to prepare for this exam you will be well covered.

The only real difference is the finance maths and practice on Q10Paper2,LC Ord will cover most of what is required!