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Project Maths (H) Paper 1 Topics which appear to be removed from the exam


Project maths .com has been trying to find what exactly on the course for Paper 1(H) 2011 . As a result of some research and valued assistance from within NCCA .We have come to the following conclusions.

The following concern strand 4 Algebra
(i)”The abstract treatment  of the connections between the roots and the coefficients of quadratic equations is not required” That is questions based on α and β  will not be asked .
(ii)The proof of the factor theorem is not required!”students just must be able to use it”.
(iii)The abstract treatment of the properties of b²-4ac  is not required ,I presume this means that abstract questions based based on real/equal/unreal roots will not be asked.

(iv)Complex numbers are in both strands 3 and 4 will there be 2 questions on Complex numbers?


The structure of the exam paper/questions is not as rigidly confined as in the past. The location of complex numbers in the different syllabus strands is reflective of the fact that, while they are ‘numbers’ and can undergo the usual number operations, their treatment also requires an algebraic approach. Their representation on a diagram is also clearly linked with coordinate geometry in strand 2.”

Functions and Calculus :

“For the 2011 exam the section on functions and Calculus on page 10/11 of the old course remains unchanged ! Since the parametric equations of lines and circles have been removed from strand 2 can students be asked to differentiate parametric equations? We received the following reply .?

The procedural approach to the first derivative of parametric functions is still on for those sitting the exam next June.  For these students only strands 1- 4 are ‘new’; the section of the ‘old’ syllabus on Functions is retained (i.e. page 10 and the first part of page 11). This is not retained for subsequent cohorts, following the introduction of all 5 strands.

Since there is no mention of Cosecant/Secant/Cotan in the syllabus and  can they be asked to differentiate these functions? Reply students are not expected to engage with these functions

Max and Min problems as in the former option question 8 paper 2 will not be asked on Paper 1

The proof by Induction of dxˆn/dx is on for exam in 2011 but gone  for 2012

(v)Sequences and Series.

Telescopic Series are gone ,AP/GP are gone ,The Σn and ∑n²series appears to be gone!

“The approach is one of looking at patterns and building towards expressions/functions. Students would not be given the question ‘cold’ in the traditional form.

Matrices : Are  Gone  !

The Binomial theorem :Is the Binomial theorem gone and questions based on the general term and Binomial Coefficients?  The binomial theorem, per se, is not required.I  This proof Cos3a=4Cos³A-3CosA is not required in the complex numbers section of strand 4, only the use of this identity is only required.

The conclusions are as follows for Paper 1 project H maths 2011

(i)Strand 3 Number :100 marks  50 marks Section A type Questions ,50 marks Section B type questions;

Complex numbers ,Series,Induction,Limits,logs and Indices ,surds,mortgage payments(new),Present worth problems (new)

(ii)Strand 4 Algebra: 100 marks 50 marks type A questions ,50 marks type B.

Algebra very similiar to the old course with the exceptions listed above and Complex numbers in Polar For.

(iii)Differential Calculus as per (1994)syllabus pages 10/11.