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Leaving cert Ord Correctors silenced

Concern is being expressed about the marking of the 2010 LC Ord maths exam .It seems the marking of the exam was suspended for a week and when it resumed a new marking scheme was used .Correctors say this was the 3rd change to the marking scheme .Correctors were also reminded that they were bound by the official secrets act and must mot discuss the marking scheme . Some past advising examiners have expressed concern that the changes to the marking scheme were introduced to bring the  regular Ord level  maths results in line  with the project maths results!

Evidence of marks inflation at Ord level maths v Project maths

Much has been made about the results of the 2010 leaving cert and the fact that the failure rate had dropped by about 0.5%.There was also a lot of talk about how students in the Project maths school did better than the regular ordinary level students .There was also talk of marks inflation and that the project maths students were marked easier .

The following are some glaring examples of the Project maths students receiving more marks than the regular students for exactly the same question.The following examples compare the marking scheme of the Project maths Ord paper 2 and regular LC Ord paper 2 questions.

PMaths P2Q2a given two points (3,0) and (0,2) Find the equation of the line . Marks awarded 15 marks for the slope,5 marks for the equation of the line .Total 20 marks.

LCord 2007P2Q2b.Given two points (-4,0) and (o,6) Find the slope marks awarded 5 marks,Find the equation of the line 5marks .Total 10marks.

Marks inflation 100%.

PmQ3a:A circle with centre (0,0) and passes through the point (3,4) Find the equation of the circle Marks awarded 10 marks.

Lc Ord2010Q3a;A circle with centre (0,0) passes through the point (5,-12)Write down the equation of the circle .Marks awarded 5 marks.

Marks inflation 100%!

PMQ6a:Given two sides of a triangle and an included angle find the area (use 1/2absinc) Marks awarded 15marks .

LCOrdlevel Q5 2000/2001/2007 same question marks awarded 10 marks.

Marks Inflation 50%.

PmQ7 this is a very basic probability question based on information given in a table similiar to Ord Level Q6b2008/2009/2002/2000. Project maths students recieved 2 x 10 marks for parts (a) and (b) similiar questions on the regular Ord exam received 2 x 5marks !

Marks Inflation 100%!.

PMQ9B;There is further evidence of marks inflation throughout the Project maths Ordinary Level.In question 9B where 15marks are given for the area of a parallelogram! But in the regular LCOrd 2010/2009/2005/2000;Question 1a a very similiar question was worth 5 marks !

Marks inflation 200%!

What is even more amazing is the project maths students who made any use of the given numbers in Q9b (even a totally wrong answer)received 7 marks which is 2 more marks than the regular students received who got the correct answer!

If the regular leaving cert students had had their papers marked using the project maths marking scheme .I personally know at least one student who would have received a D instead of an E!