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Project Maths Ord level report

On first impression the paper looked to be very long with 20 pages compared to the regular Ord paper with 9 pages.

Question 1: Same as regular ord paper no real issues except c(ii) little bit of work involved.

Question2: One student said there has to be a catch it cannot be this easy it was 25 marks in 3 minutes!

Question 3:(i,ii)  This was just a part a from the old course but here you recieved 20 marks instead of 10 ,in part b they gave you the centre and the radius (in a picture)  as to find the equation.

Question 4;You were asked to get the mean and the standard deviation very similiar to the old course ,the rest of the questions were junior cert ord standard.

Question5: Very similiar to the old course the only difference was they asked what would happen if you tossed the coins 1,000 times.

Question 6 ;Very basic trigonometry easier than the regular course.

Question7 ;The first proper question but it was phrased so badly and confusing  many students would have wilted.It was also far too long for the average ord level student.

Question8;This was a nice question well constructed.But as one ord level student said if you could not get part a the rest of the question was irrelevant !

Question 9A:Again more statistics not very difficult and most students were happy with parts,d,e,f.

Question9b : Very few did this and they were right a total wash out of a question which has no relevance to anything.

Conclusion ;A very poor badly constructed paper with no consistent standard in the questions. Most students  and we had feedback from(Wesley,Castleknock,St Marks,Loreto) felt that the paper was too wordy ,There was such inconsistency in the standard of the questions Q 2,Q3,Q4,Q6 were “too easy ” wheras Q8 and Q9B were impossible .Also they hated putting their answers on the exam book ,they wanted to keep the exam paper and go over the questions at home.

As one teacher said “its back to the drawing board”

This report has taken in the views of teachers and pupils from both project and non project schools

Report on Project maths (H) Paper 2

The paper on first impression was big 20 pages compared to the regular paper of 9 pages .

The layout was very similiar to the sample paper set in October 2009 .

Question 1 Same as sample paper very easy no real issues .

Question 2 (a)The Tukey test was a bit of a surprise  but most coped well.2(b)Was well flagged again most students got it right .

Question 3a This was asked on the higher Junior cert of 2009  and has no place on a higher Leaving cert paper .3b another junior cert question .

Question4a Very low standard much easier than the question on the regular higher LC,4b is really only a part (a) on the regular course .

Question 5 a Again a much lower standard than the regular leaving cert ,5b all you have to do is sub zero into each function to get the correct graph.

Question6a : Here we hit a new low,you were asked to show that a point is on a line!The rest of the question varied between Ord level  LC and Higher Junior cert .

Question 7;This is the first proper question a bit of thought went into this but again parts a-e were of a very low standard , parts f and g were a bit more chalanging.

Question 8:Although this question was classified as “geometry and Trigonometry it was really coordinate geometry of the line with a bit of geometry .Not Higher LC standard as a question very similiar to this had been asked on the Ord Level LC .

Question 9A;This is just the further probability from the old course but it was the first proper (H) question on the exam .Most students did not do it though, as they figured that there was 25 marks available on question 9b for just writing out a theorem and 25 more for using the sine rule and the cosine rule.

Question 9b:Although project maths wants to eliminate rote learning, to answer this question you must learn 3 theorems off by heart and for writing down the correct theorem you get 25 marks, no problems here .9B part b gave you lots of information most students had no problem again the standard was LCord level

We spoke to many students from project maths schools (Wesley college ,Loreto Dalkey ,Castleknock college).The general concensus was that the paper was far easier than expected and they reckoned that a score of 75% was attainable knowing very little maths!

Some students were unhappy and found the questions very “wordy”

Most teachers who offered their views made the following points (i)There is too much statistics (which explores the topic in too much detail)  on the exam (ii)The preoccupation with geometry seems totally out of place and (iii)The inconsistancy in the standard of the questions must be addressed .

Most teachers agreed that the introduction of project maths in 5th year should be posponed .

Th Following are comments from teachers

“Q3a “we were taught this in 6th class in primary school” PK  retired Maths inspector

Q6a “To show a point is on a line on lCH” god help us! RJ retired LCH examiner .

  Much has been made about the relevance  to everyday life in the questions in this paper  with people being wheeled out to talk up the paper (an ex rose of Tralee with 1 years teaching experience ,a spokesperson from IBEC who had not seen the paper and the head master of a school where three of the staff have written a text book on pmaths). firstly maths does not have to be relevant and secondly the only questions on this paper that any relevance to anything was Q7 ,to try to give Q9B relevance is cluching at straws!

THE Jury is out but if this is all that the project maths committee can come up with they should leave the course alone “If it aint broke don’t fixit”