//Possible topics for 2019 LCH maths Paper 1

Possible topics for 2019 LCH maths Paper 1

Differentiation of Inverse sine or Inverse tan

calculate conjugates of sums or products of Complex numbers

Verify and Justify formulae from number patterns

Investigate geometric sequences and series

Derive a formula for the sum to infinity of a geometric series by considering the limit of a sequence of partial sums , could be asked after you have proved the Sn by induction

(Just find the limit as n goes to infinity of the Sn)

Useful information

Be able to write a complex number in polar form using your calculator.

The sum of the roots of every Polynomial is -b/a

The product of the roots of a quadratic equation is c/a and for a cubic equation is -d/a

Be aware of the conjugate roots theoremĀ  and the cubic roots of 1.

Be able to use the factor theorem

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