//Leaving Cert Maths 2019 Advice

Leaving Cert Maths 2019 Advice

Paper 1 Advice

Required Proofs

Proof by Induction, learn the three possible proofs, Sums of Series, “Is a factor of”,Inequalities.

Differentiation from first principles, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule

Prove square root of 2 Is irrational

Be able to answer questions based on Logs, quadratic inequalities

Number patterns arithmetic, Geometric, Quadratic,exponential

functions including inverse ,sketch inverse graph. Subjective,Injective,Bijective.

Financial Maths Amortisation Formula

Paper 2

Know the trig proofs identities/Sine Rule/cosine Rule note asked every year

know your 3 theorems proofs and the Concurrency constructions

Be able to find the equation of the common tangent of two circles (Just subtract the two circles)

Be able to find the point which divides a line segment in the ratio r:s formula in the tables

Be able to construct a line segment of length root 2 or root 3.

remember in Trigonometry if they mention angle of elevation your dealing with right angled triangles.

for geometry only practice questions 2015-2018

Inferential statistics be able to find a standard deviation,95% confidence interval, test statistic for a sample or a proportion(formula for a proportion not in tables)

Find P value be able to give the meaning of the P value.

Periodic Trig functions a+sinKx period and range asked every year a firm favourite with TOC

Note approx.  95% pass rate (H6 or better). Low partial Credit worth al least 40%, attempt every part of every  question, marks in most questions are front loaded ,easy bits in every question

Good Luck


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