Projectmaths.com is a website dedicated  to inform students, parents and teachers of the changes proposed by the state examinations commission (SEC) to the content and methods of teaching maths in Irish secondary schools.

The site is edited by John Brennan a teacher of 40 years experience teaching maths at all levels in secondary school. John is also and author of three solution books for both Junior and Leaving cert maths. He is at present senior maths teacher at Ballinteer Institute tuition centre in Dundrum Dublin 14. see leavingcert.ie

Project Maths Solution Books


Project Maths Leavingcert Higher Solutions

Project maths solutions now available Higher and Ordinary Leaving cert and Higher Junior cert  . These are fully worked solutions of all SEC actual and sample papers  including NCCA samples by topic .The solutions  are provided from 2010-2017The format is the same as our regular maths solutions books the question is on the left hand page and the solution is on the right hand page. Marking schemes , advice  and “must know files ” included .

In the higher level Leaving cert solution book we have included the solutions of  question 9 the further probability (old course) for the last 8 years. This question is very similiar to the new inferential statistics and probability question in Project maths. These extra questions will help students study the new syllabus. Also we have included a full set of notes and worked solutions  on Financial maths  and Functions .New for  2017 extra notes and solutions on Rates of change ,Integration and hypothesis testing and P- values . Order online at www.leavingcert.ie

See our flip books of sample solutions of Junior and Leaving cert Questions.





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Projectmaths.com is anxious to hear from Teachers ,students  and parents in the project maths schools.

Project maths is being introduced because of the low numbers (16%) taking higher leaving maths .The idea is that if you lower the standard and introduce project based learning you will somehow double the numbers doing higher level leaving cert maths.

The argument is fundamentally flawed for the following reasons:

(i) Dropping the standard will make us the laughting stock of the maths world

(ii)Project based learning has been discredited and dropped as a method of teaching  in every country where it has been tried.

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